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Fic: Series Playfulness- Springing the Trap

Hi all,
It's been a really long time since I've gotten anything posted. Unfortunately I've been really sick and then had no access to a computer so I'm going to try and make up for that.
All of my stories will be continued, although it will be pretty randomly as I get them typed.


Previous parts


Title: Springing the Trap

Fandom: TW spoilers for season 2.

Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen eventually, Gwen/Rhys.

Characters: Gwen, Rhys, Andy.

Series/Sequel: Series- Playfulness/ Sequel to ‘Setting the Trap’

Summary: Gwen sees rather more than she’d like.

Springing the Trap

Rhys closes the door behind Ianto and Owen ignoring Owen’s parting, “Have fun.”

He walks back to the bedroom, to Andy.

The other man is fidgeting with his shirt. “Should I put this back on?” Andy asks as he notices Rhys in the doorway.

Rhys can tell he asked it through nervousness because he is totally right there with him. After all, why did Andy and he strip so much just to get dressed again before Gwen- “Holy Fuck! Those Bastards!”

Andy had jumped at the exclamation but at the next words nodded and smirked. “You just realised what the camera was for. Bloody typical of them- every time I think I’m doing something to get over one piece of blackmail they always manage to embroil me in something worse. I’ve stopped fighting it. Less strenuous that way.”

“But… but… Shit! What the bloody hell will they want next time?”

“I try not to think of it- gives me nightmares. Then they slag me off for the dark circles under my eyes and how my sleep deprived body tends to walk into things.” Andy nods to himself and then looks Rhys in the eyes, “At least you’re gonna get off easily enough with this.”

“Are you kidding? Gwen’s going to kill us.”

“She loves you.”

“True, in that case I suggest you stand right next to me. I’ll be hiding behind Ianto and Owen. Who I’m betting will be hiding behind Jack.”

“Yeah and he’ll probably hide behind Toshiko.”

Rhys is about to reply but as he opens his mouth he hears keys in the front door- Gwen’s home.

Now or never. He lunges at Andy, pinning the other man to the bed and together they put their ‘practice’ to good use. Both already knowing how to get the other to moan into their kiss and which spots under their questing hands are ticklish and which are sensual.

In the quest for the latter Rhys pulls the shirt from where it’s gotten trapped between them and carelessly tosses it over his shoulder.

Where it lands on Gwen’s head as she stands in the doorway. Then the screaming starts.

Screaming, not shouting because she’s not even attempting words. It’s just this collection of howly screaming noises that keep coming out of her mouth as she points between the two of them.

Rhys would laugh if he wasn’t so terrified. At least she seems to have forgotten for the moment that she’s armed- and if Rhys survives this he’s going to raise that little point with the Torchwood toerags.