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Fic: Series Playfulness- Setting the Trap

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Title: Setting the Trap

Fandom: TW spoilers for season 2.

Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen eventually, Gwen/Rhys.

Characters: Tosh, Gwen and Jack.

Series/Sequel: Series- Playfulness/ Sequel to ‘And if That Doesn’t Work, Blackmail’

Summary: Tosh sets Gwen up.

Setting the Trap

Tosh watched Gwen giggling at whatever Ianto was saying to her in Welsh. It was a great distraction as far as Toshiko keeping up her end of the first task the boys had set her. But…

Sometimes Tosh really wondered about the different people they all played for different audiences. Not the way she probably should- in that it was probably damaging to their psyches- but in the very selfish worry about how they all really felt about her. After all, she knows she has said things and both Ianto and Owen have said things, during their movie nights, about both Jack and Gwen that would never be said to their faces.

Not hateful or hurtful things, more like a commentary on what’s been happening. And, well, it kind of sets her paranoia going. Well-honed Torchwood tool that that is. For instance, right now it was taking over her entire mind when she was supposed to be busy with more important things, namely setting up a mean practical joke on Gwen.

Well, she doesn’t feel guilty- it’s not like it’s her idea and she’s only participating out of self-preservation. Not really under protest, though, she had to admit, seeing as how she’d bribed and begged her way in.

Movement near the door catches her attention and she looks up in time to see Owen lead Ianto out. He looks back through and winks at her once the giant cog has closed behind them. Definitely past time to get to work. The problem was that her ‘task’ was far more difficult than she’d bargained for.

Not beyond her not inconsiderable talents, obviously, but just sort of complicated. The difficulty came in making the hoax transparent. But not too transparent that Gwen would get suspicious. Well, more so than she was supposed to.

A baseless hoax would be easy, done in seconds. An actual faked marriage, or twenty, would be simplicity itself and done in about a minute flat. However, a fake, fake marriage with some back up documentation and yet obvious holes, that weren’t too obvious, was just that bit more of a challenge.

After Owen’s call, nuisance boys checking up on her- or was that sweet?- Tosh finished her task and went for coffees for herself, Jack and Gwen, but not before reminding Gwen to get her marriage license paperwork sorted. It had been really helpful of Gwen to ask Tosh to remind her, facilitating Tosh’s need for a subtle way to get Gwen to find the right information.

Sweet, innocent Toshiko came back a short while later holding coffees from the shop, to find Gwen screaming and Jack, poor Jack, trying to approach her, slowly and carefully, arms held up placatingly and voice pitched low.

Tosh firmly held her smirk down. “What’s wrong?”

Gwen spun on her, enraged and for just a second Tosh was terrified, until she realised it wasn’t really aimed at her. “Wrong? Wrong? I’ll tell you what’s wrong- that cheating, low down piece of shit Rhys has a wife and three kids! Three! How could he? I…”

Gwen seemed to collapse in on herself and Jack managed to catch her in his arms holding her close and whispering soothing words to her as he stroked her back.

“I… Oh, Gwen I’m so… I don’t know what to… Rhys told you this?” Tosh was starting to feel really bad, this seemed to really hurt Gwen. Then again, how could she seriously believe such nonsense about Rhys? The man was a fluffy teddy bear and totally devoted to Gwen.

“No, the rat! He didn’t have the balls! It was in the computers.”

Tosh followed Gwen’s gesture and approached the computer, “May I?” Tosh asked her in a quiet voice.

Curiosity taking her out of her stupor Gwen nodded and rose to her feet to stand by Tosh. Jack stayed by her side ready for anything.

They both watched as Tosh jumped through dozens of pages of information. “Hmm.”

“What? What is it? Another wife?” A frantic Gwen asked Tosh.

“No, nothing like… Gwen isn’t this here, this date- the christening of the youngest- isn’t that the day after Rhys was shot? I mean, I thought, that is…”

“I gave you the day off and you and Rhys-”

“We went out of town together. We spent the whole… Tosh, pull up the other dates.”

Tosh ignored the rudeness as Gwen leaned over her shoulder and did as she was ordered.

“There, the wedding date- we in Majorca together! But that’s- Ianto! He and Owen, oh I bet they did this!”

“Eh,” Jack had been about to defend his boyfriend, but when he thought about it, this was exactly their style. “Umm, at least Rhys is faithful.”

“Of course he is. He’s Rhys.” Tosh and Jack both give Gwen strange looks at that, given how easily she had believed the lie.

“Jack, I… I’m going to go home now. I, I-”

“Want to go see him, fine. Be back tomorrow morning though okay.”

“Thanks.” She hugs him and turns to Tosh, “Thank you, I’m so glad you think so plainly. Not emotional, at all. You’re sweet.” With a pat to Tosh’s arm Gwen runs out of the Hub and to her car.

Jack waits till she’s gone then turns to Toshiko, “You weren’t involved- nah, it would’ve been a better lie if you were. I’m gonna kill them. I honestly thought Gwen was going to kill Rhys. Then again, I couldn’t really see Rhys as a bigamist, too much work.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Tosh says distractedly, already working on deleting the files.

“Be careful.”

“What?” That gets her full attention.

“Well, the mischief twins will be after both of us next. Maybe even right now.”

“Don’t go getting paranoid now, Jack.”

“Ah, but is it really paranoia if they actually are out to get you?”

They share a smile and Jack walks back to his office.

As soon as he’s gone, Tosh calls Owen.

“Princess? Did it work?” Owen sounds distracted.

“Yeah, but…” There’s a bang in the background on Owen’s side, “What are you doing?”

“Rhys and Andy are still practicing, they can’t seem to get it right.”

“Meaning you and Ianto are taking the opportunity to get as many incriminating photos as possible?”

“Of course. Want copies?”

“Yes. Eh, no. I… Owen, Gwen was really upset-”

“Oh, come on Princess don’t back out now. What’d she do?”

“She… she was screaming and crying and, Owen she thanked me and-”

“Let me guess, gave you a back handed insult, a demeaning compliment and was completely condescending?”

Tosh wanted to argue, but thinking back on it- what girl wants to be called unemotional? Or called sweet all the time? And seriously, the patting her like a puppy thing?


Owen, always one to know Tosh’s moods presses on with, “And she believed it didn’t she? She actually thought Rhys of all people would do something like that to her.”

“Yes, I guess.” Toshiko paused, “You’re shamelessly manipulating me.”

“Yes, I am. Love and kisses. See you when we get back and we’ll all go out for a drink.”

He hung up before she could say a word, but Toshiko was smiling anyway and let it go.



Oh, Gwen Gwen Gwen...Glass houses, or something like that.

BTW, I absolutely LOVE your new setup here. Just like a real home on the Internet!

It's about time I changed mine, but I really hate the way LJ keeps changing the way they make things SO very difficult to find what I actually need these days. I might actually need to learn to program ::shudders::


...so, tell me about this 'placebo' music, eh?